Meet Nathan, leading business and life coach.

Certified High Performance Coach, professional photographer, speaker, animal lover, wine connoisseur, and environmental junkie.

My purpose is to help people unlock their hidden potential and show them that they possess the power to be confident, successful, and lead a joyful life.


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Are you good at what you do, but want to go to the next level? Do you feel that you feel that you are not living life to your full potential? Then High Performance Coaching is for you!

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Are you looking for a motivational speaker for your next event? Nathan has presented tailored motivational talks and workshops in schools, at corporate events all over WA.

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High Performance Coaching -The world's leading life and business coaching.

Do you want more SUCCESS at work?

Do you want more HAPPINESS?

Do you want more PASSION in your relationships?

Do you want more MONEY, more ENERGY, more PRODUCTIVITY, more MEANING?

It is time to recognise your true POTENTIAL and live your life AUTHENTICALLY. It is time to learn the skills to become FOCUSSED, PRODUCTIVE, INFLUENTIAL and SUCCESSFUL.

Many of the world’s highest achievers have a coach - CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives, and A-list celebrities. They don't just wake up with talent, they find the skills and strategies and implement them to achieve a better life!
If this sounds like something you would like and you are ready to change your life, I would love to have a chat where we can talk about you, your dreams, your goals, and the impact you want to make on the world.

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"I recently finished a CHPC 12 week course with Nathan and have to say the weekly sessions were invaluable in helping to achieve clarity in a number of areas of my life, both professionally and personally. I have already achieved so many great things with implementing the methodologies that I have learnt. I would highly recommend Nathan if you too are wanting to seek clarity and achieve high performance at home and at work. "

Sonia Turner
Mining Client Specialist at Scope Systems

"Where do I even begin to tell you about this awesome human being Nathan? Having worked with him for almost a year now, I can tell you that he is a True Gem, a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom, very unselfish in his approach, he has shown me beyond a shadow of doubt that he truly has the best interest at heart for my start-up. To say he’s amazing at what he does is an understatement. Words fail me to describe the professionalism, passion and wisdom he always projects at each and every one of our meetings. I am forever indebted to your service Nathan. How do I say thank you? Words fail me. If you’re looking for a business coach, a life coach, look no further. You will not be disappointed, and that’s a promise. "

Kumbi Sibanda

"Nathan was brilliant with 15 of my staff attending the session. They were truly inspired and exceptionally pleased with the content and outcome of the training. (Posted on Google November 2019) "

Boyd Fraser
Sales Manager & Auctioneer - Action Real Estate

"Nathan delivered an excellent presentation at our workplace yesterday. Nathan's brand of coaching focuses on helping you unleash your full potential and become a 'high performer'. While we only had a 1-hour session with Nathan, I can see that it has made an impact so far. I would highly recommend Beyond Purpose if you are looking to get the best out of yourself. (posted on Google February 2020) "

Daniel Johnston
AWT Accountants

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What is Certified High Performance Coaching?

CHPC is a world-class coaching program based on twenty years of scientific research as to what attributes high performers need to reach success quickly and sustainably. It has a holistic approach to help you master your psychology, physiology, energy and productivity. It is kind of the 'Navy Seal' version of life coaching. You will learn real strategies to be more productive, healthier, happier, and have more influence.

It will change your life!  

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