SEO Power Plant is only $347 USD + Tax.

A so called 'SEO Expert' will cost you that for 1 month anyway, so why not gain the knowledge to become dangerous. Then you can either DIY your SEO, or at least make sure that you are not getting ripped off. You path to ranking on the front page of Google starts as soon as you are ready - The sooner you start, the sooner your ranking improves and the sooner you get more clients!

What the heck is SEO, and why do I need to care?

Imagine playing your favourite sport, but the rules and the goal posts are continually changing. That is what SEO is. SEO is a game with moving goal posts. Well that is what the so called experts want us to believe. They want us to believe that only those on the inside truly know how to win, and … if we give them enough money, they can ‘try’ to help us win also! (Well just as long as we keep paying them).

SEO is about making your website as appealing as possible to Google so that Google chooses to put it on the front page.

Why does SEO matter? Because websites listed in position 1-5 get 65% of the traffic. 

What is it costing you to not know about SEO? If you are paying someone to do it for you, it could be costing between $300-$2000 per month. Are they doing a good job? Do you understand the reports they send you?

If you are paying for Google adds, then you know exactly what it is costing you. But did you know that only between 10%-25% of people will click on the ads? Over 70% of search engine users will not click on a paid ad. They don't trust them.

What if you could learn about SEO in a non techy way? What if you knew the major factors that really made a difference for SEO, so that you could either do them yourself, or you could make sure you are getting what you pay for?


What will SEO Power Plant do for you?

Over the next 5 weeks you will learn and implement the 4 keys things that 95% of business owners do not know in regards to SEO. Plus...

  • You will learn the top 3 mistakes most business owners make, and have the skills to fix them on your website.
  • You will make a clear plan to keep your website on page 1 of Google.
  • You will begin to implement what you have learnt from day 1.
  • You will become dangerous to those who stand to rip you off. You will know exactly what to ask from your web designer or SEO expert to make sure they are doing a great job.

You will walk away from SEO Power Plant knowing exactly what to do to get and keep your website on page 1. (with a heap of PDF worksheets to help you along the way) Plus you have access for 2 years to come back and watch the videos again and again.

Here is a little snippet of the introduction so you can get a feel for what the course is like.


The truth is you need to approach SEO is a bit like a car, the more you know about how it works the less likely you are to get ripped off by your mechanic.

So if you don’t want to get ripped off, and you want your website to rank well you need to learn enough about SEO to be dangerous. That is why I created SEO Power Plant. A 5 week online course to empower small business owners just like you with the skills to master their SEO.

The course is about giving you enough knowledge to be dangerous, and also about making a plan to keep your website ranking. SEO is not set and forget. Just like no one wants to read last weeks newspaper, your website will slide down the rankings if you don’t put any effort in. So what effort is worth putting in? What makes a real difference? I have broken that down into 5 weeks of simple to understand information with worksheets and things you can implement on your website straight away.

Meet Nathan:

I created this course because so many small business owners are being lied to about the website and SEO. I got ripped of myself. (A few times actually) I took those experiences and learnt what really makes a difference to get your website ranking. I implemented on my site and kept my site on page 1 of google for 10 years. Now I am sharing that information with you. 

Why? Because I hate seeing people get lied to and get ripped off. Honestly SEO is not that complicated. I have taken it and broken it down into simple 'no techy' language with worksheets, and things that you can implement straight away.

So what are you waiting for?

What is contained in this course for just $347 USD will change you life and business!

I guarantee it with a 21 day money back guarantee!

At $347 USD the price of this course is less than you would pay a so called 'SEO Expert' to work on your site for a month. You receive access to this world class training for 2 years. You get over 5 hours of video with worksheets that you will action straight away. AND you get a 21 day guarantee!

Buy SEO Power Plant Now!

"SEO power plant is a fabulous course to do, it has taught me so much about my website and how I can make big and small changes with confidence. I have got more out of SEO Power Plant than the other marketing workshops I have been to. I love how practical the teaching is, and how the worksheets are so relevant to actually changing things on my website. I recommend this course to anybody that has a website needing to push SEO natually. It is definitely worth the money and has actually ended up being cheaper than hiring somebody to do it for me, which would have ended up not completing the SEO correctly anyway. Definitely money well spent!!"

Kate Pollard
Photographer and Business Owner

"Here's what I didn't expect: How much better my website is actually starting to look! I have been unhappy about my site for years but wasn't sure what to change or if it even mattered. I have been to countless local workshops that claimed to offer good advice and none of it has made sense for me as a photographer. This actually makes sense and results in a website that looks great and has already generated some calls just two days into the training."

Michelle Posey
Mariposa Studio Photography - Arkansas

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