A Challenge To Go Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2020
What we know is possible is based on our experiences. If you have never done it, then you don’t know if it is possible for you. But, our beliefs about what is possible are formed by not only by our experiences, but also our education and our knowledge.
We can change what we believe is possible by broadening our horizons, looking at what others have done and then assessing whether we think those things would be possible for us, and that is where limiting beliefs come in. 
What we believe about ourselves has tremendous power over us. Our beliefs can both encourage us and can hold us back. The small internal voice that says ‘you can do it’ or ‘don’t be silly, you can’t do that’ affects decisions we make on a daily basis.
May I encourage you  today to challenge your limiting beliefs and go beyond them?
Ok, but how? you ask.
Education and knowledge!
Education, can show you that is it possible for others. Powered flight was not possible until the Wright Brothers did it in 1903, then once they had done it many others accomplished it buy following the principles they learnt.
So, simply education yourself on how to do something is the first step. But education alone will not change your beliefs. You may know it is possible for others, but you still believe it is not a reality for you. You still have a limit in what you believe.
Moving from education to real knowledge only occurs when you test it for yourself.
If you say to me, 'I can't do that', then I will ask you what you have tried? How many times you have tried? What you have learnt each time? and, What education or who's advice you have sought to adapt your approach along the way?
The challenge with limiting beliefs is we often look for the evidence to support our beliefs. We feel safe in our comfort zone. The thought of failing seems worse that the joy that succeeding would bring. 
You can stay in the place of limiting beliefs and say, 'I tried it once' or you can work out what you will try next to move beyond and become a better version of yourself. 
You can say, ‘I believe I can’t do it’, ‘I know I can’t do it’ or ‘I can’t do it yet’.
Before you learnt to walk, ride a bike or drive a car those things were beyond your education, but from experience you could see others around you doing those things, you had it role modeled and over time began to believe it was possible for you also.
Let me ask you, what would need to change for you to believe in yourself just 1% more?
What courage would you need to muster to face the change of failure?
What education would you need to give something your best shot?
Who is a role model could you follow? Someone just like you who has done it?
(So many people look at celebrities or masters in the field and compare themselves to those people. But we hold those people in such high regard that their lives and their accomplishments don't seem real to us. So, who is someone that is a lot more like you, in a similar circumstance, from a similar upbringing or background that you can look up to?) 
What have you been saying to yourself that you believe you can’t do, or that you believe you are not good at?
Now ask yourself what is it costing you in life, financially, in connection with others having those beliefs?
May I encourage you to go beyond your limiting beliefs today in just one small way?
Remember 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step' -Lao Tzu.
Learn one new thing.
Take one small risk.
Take one small step and you will find your world may begin to get just a little bigger.
What will you do today to test out your limiting beliefs?
Maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself going beyond.

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