The Small Business Owners Badge of Busyness

busyness May 13, 2019
Over Easter I was doing some chores and the had the small business TV program, Koshie’s Business Builders on in the background. At the end of the show they interviewed a number of small business owners and asked them what the biggest challenge was in their business. All of them said; ‘time’. One said; ‘working too many hours’, another said; ‘switching off between work and home’. Then the program ended. They had just surveyed a number of the business owners who had been featured in the show, and they all identified the same issue, the biggest problem they faced in business and the program did not offer a solution. 

It is almost a badge of honour that business owners and entrepreneurs have to wear. To be successful we have to strive, to work more than everyone else. Put ourselves (and our families) last. As a small business owner for the last 15 years, I worked too much, and thought too much about work after hours, UNTIL… I discovered High Performance Coaching. In 2010, I hired a business coach. He helped me grow my business and make a lot more money, but he didn’t deal with any of the personal stuff. I just had a bigger turnover, more staff, a bigger machine to keep running and more stress.

Everyone has a different picture of success. A piece of ancient wisdom says; 'What kind of deal is it to get everything you want but lose yourself?' What I LOVE about High Performance Coaching is it's a holistic approach to life and business coaching, and that is the big difference.

I think, in a world where people say 'life just gets faster and faster', where we are expected to be available 24/7, there is beginning to be a swing back towards connection. For me, learning the practices of high performance, not only made me more productive in business, but also allowed me more down time.

I was recently speaking to an overworked business woman, I offered her a free 1 hour coaching strategy session to implement a few high performance habits in her life. Her response was, 'I'm just to busy to take anytime right now, can we try again in 6-8 weeks'. I know I have the tools and practices that could save her time, and make her more productive, but she is not ready for a change just yet.

Everyone of the business owners interviewed on that business program identified being too busy as their number one problem, yet the program did not offer a solution.

So often we know what we need to do, but we keep doing what we have always done because that is what we are used to doing.

Don't wait for a breakdown or a crisis to initiate change. A more happy, productive, and passionate life awaits you now. Have you ever thought about working with a coach? I would love to give you a free session! I can guarantee that what you will learn will ease the stress and make you more productive. Give me a call on 0413 606 888, or click here to read a little more about High Performance Coaching, fill in the questionnaire and I will call you!


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