Book review - High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard

High Performance Habits is a powerhouse of a book that blows current theories out of the water about what a person needs to get to the top and stay there. Many times, we chalk up our failures to factors such as age, education, income, race, nationality, or gender. However, the science proves otherwise. So how does a person be successful, lead a healthy and fulfilling life, and stay ahead of the game? Does one have to choose between success and money, and love and health?


Brendon Burchard and his team at The High Performance Institute have conducted an extensive study (with over 172,000 people) on what attributes and habits a person needs to develop in order to achieve their goals and sustain a fulfilling, high-quality life. Many of the activities in the book are easily implementable, while others will take practise and a major change in habits. Many of my preconceptions about success were shattered such as the old adage “Stick to your strengths.” If we do not work...

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