Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

What motivates you? Are you motivated extrinsically or intrinsically?

Extrinsic motivation means that the payoff or reward for doing something is going to come from outside of you. This might apply to working in your job for pay, receiving that sales commission for hitting monthly targets, or a child cleaning their room for a sticker.

Intrinsic motivation means that the payoff or reward will be generated within you. This might be that you pay for the coffee for the next person in line to do something nice, you take an extra course because you value education, or leave a note on the car you just dinged – because it is the right thing to do!

Here is an example of how motivations can vary. Your first job might have been to pump gas at the gas station. For those of us who are a little younger, back in the day you would drive up to the service station and the attendant would ask you how much petrol you would like, and they would put the petrol in for you while you sat in your car....

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