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What would your life and business look like if you could be 10x more productive, have 10x the engagement with your customers and 10x your passion for life?

Many business owners struggle wearing so many different hats. You have to be the manager, the marketer, the visionary and often the cleaner too. You know that you are being pulled around and that you are not as productive as you need to be. You know that marketing is essential to grow your business, but you don't know where to start. You know that you want to be a better person for your family, but you feel obligated to work so much to make your business successful. 

That was me! I owned a very successful photography studio with four staff but the business was running me. I had even worked with a great business coach for 4 years who helped me triple my income, but I was at the mercy of the business. I was reactive. I was working long hours, and I was not living the life I wanted to live. I knew there had to be a better way.

I went to many marketing and business workshops. Every one of them promised the world, but none were able to deliver what I really needed.

What I wanted was a holistic approach to business coaching. An approach that covered the latest in sales and marketing, whist also training me to be a better manager and leader. An approach that aligned with my values helped me grow as my business did.

And that is why I became Perth's first Certified High Performance Coach and created THE POWER OF 10!

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Would you like a clear plan outlining exactly what to do to grow your business?

Would you love a system to plan your marketing that actually works?

Would you enjoy learning with a group of other successful, motivated, Perth business owners? 

Join 'The Power of 10' and grow your business dramatically this year!

The Power Of 10 is a step-by-step business growth program conducted over 10 monthly sessions that will transform your business through elite training in sales and marketing, leadership and management.

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Each month we will focus on the latest and most effective strategies in: 

Productivity: Implement the habits that the worlds highest performers use to get more of the most important stuff done everyday.

Engagement: Understand marketing so that you create a tribe of engaged clients who become advocates for your business.

Passion: Connect with your 'why' and what is most important to you. So you can live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

The Power of 10 is different because of its holistic integrated approach. It's simple, focused and effective.

Here are the 3 areas in a little more detail:

The Tools, Training And Coaching You Need To Grow Your Successful Business.

10x Your Productivity (Management, Leadership & Efficiency)

Productivity: Our productivity is being destroyed by multitasking and a lack of clarity. No matter if you are a solo entrepreneur or have a large team, the strategies you will learn for managing your time and scheduling your diary will make you at least 20-30% more productive than you are now.

Management: Learn the strategies to become an amazing manager including effective goal setting, budgeting, team dynamics and how to make hard decisions effectively.

Efficiency: The world's highest performers are absolutely clear on what they have to do, why they need to do it and how they are going to get it done. The Power of 10 will help you get crystal clear on what is most important and to implement your plan for growth.

Leadership & influence: You will learn the techniques to make people trust you quicker, to believe in your mission, ways to empower them to be amazing at what they do, and to influence them in a positive way.

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10x Your Engagement (Sales & Marketing)

Marketing is no longer just one way communication. Genuine customer engagement is the key to long term success.

Some of the sale and marketing strategies you will learn as part of The Power of 10: 

Sales & persuasion mastery: Master strategies for increasing your sales by creating a genuine connection and desire for your product or service. 

Social media strategy: Organic and paid advertising strategies for growth and sales on Facebook, Instagram & Linked In.

Email marketing strategy: Create a plan for your email marketing including ways to grow your database and get a higher ROI.

Website & SEO: Learn how to get your website on page 1 of Google and make the most of every visitor you get with strategies for higher engagement and conversion.

Strategies for effective networking and direct marketing: Learn how to find and get in front of the real decision makers.

10x Your Passion

I have included passion as one of the 3 key pillars of this mastermind because true success is making the difference you were born to make and living the life you want to live with those who you love.

Knowing your 'Why': You started you business for a reason. You wanted to make a difference. You wanted to do your 'art'. Are you still living that mission? Do your clients know your 'Why'? The Power of 10 will help you reconnect with what drives you and build a positive mindset that permeates your whole life.

Living the life you want to live: You will learn habits and practices to be wildly successful in your business, but also enjoy life. I want you to be able to go home and not have to check email after hours so that you can be fully present with your loved ones.

I want you to live a high performance life and what you will learn and implement Power of 10 will give the freedom to live that life.

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If you are ready to master your sales and marketing, learn how to lead effectively, improve the productivity of yourself and your team, then you need to be a part of THE POWER OF 10.

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Option 1:

10 monthly 3hr mastermind sessions

$350 +GST (per month)

Ten, three hour monthly sessions of in-depth training and implementation of the latest strategies in marketing, leadership, management & productivity in a supportive group environment.

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Option 2:

10 monthly sessions plus a 1 hr 1-on-1 coaching call every month

$600 +GST (per month)

Option 1, PLUS an additional one hour 1-on-1 coaching video call with Nathan per month to really accelerate your growth and keep you accountable.

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10x Your Productivity, 10x Your Engagement and 10x Your Passion - Join The Power of 10 Now!

The Power of 10 starts on the 20th of February 2020 at 2pm. Each 3 hour monthly session will be held on Thursday afternoon during the 3rd week of each month in South Perth (with free parking). I am only accepting 10 business into this group and acceptance is by application only. If you want to make 2020 your best year yet, then click below and apply to join The Power of 10!

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Perth business mastermind

This is more than just a marketing mastermind!

I worked with a business coach from 2011-2016. It was fantastic. My business grew from a turnover of $150K to over $700K, but the business was running me. That is why when I trained as a coach myself I chose to train as a High Performance Coach and not just your average business coach. A business coach looks at your numbers and your efficiency, which is good, but it fails in the area of leadership, management and passion. The business world is changing. It is not just enough to have a great product, you need to lead, to influence and to have people connect with your mission. That is why I have built this program on the 3 pillars: Productivity (management, leadership, efficiency) Engagement (sales and marketing) and Passion (life).

Over the past 15 years as a professional photographer I have been involved in huge marketing campaigns for major multinational companies. I have also worked with many small business owners helping them set up set up email campaigns, marketing funnels, opt ins. I have also done in person expos and trade show marketing and I personally have spent over $55 000 on Facebook marketing. So what I teach is tried and tested and actually works!

Nathan Archer business coach Perth

A little more about me:

I have a Bachelor of Social Science from ECU and started my photography business in 2004 right here in Perth. In 2018 I travelled to the USA and trained under Brendon Burchard to became a Certified High Performance Coach. Now I work with individuals, executives and small business owners to help them reach and sustain a high performance life.

Join THE POWER OF 10 and...

10x Your Productivity, 10x the Engagement with your customers, and 10x Your Passion for business and life!

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